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Profile Medi-Aid

Medi-Aid, founded on September 12th in 2002, is a small but decisive and ambitious aid organization consisting of volunteers. Medi-Aid consists of both a Dutch and a Sri Lankan board. In this way there is a constant balance between supply and demand and furthermore control in Sri Lanka to help Medi-Aid offers from the Netherlands


The mission of Medi-Aid is to support people and organizations in Sri Lanka that are not (yet) self capable. This support is intended as a temporary boost in physical and financial terms. Temporarily because the focus of  Medi-Aid is to support the person seeking help to get independent. Independence, self-support, self-worth, self-esteem and employment are therefore the main principles in providing support.


Medi-Aid’s policy is in all times focused on (promoting or optimizing) the self-sufficiency of the person seeking help. In addition, the Medi-Aid policy is to be as transparent as possible for sponsors.