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The Most Reverend Dr. Oswald Gomis

Oswald Thomas Colman Gomis (Sinhala: ඔස්වල්ඩ් තෝමස් කොල්මන් ගෝමිස්) (born 12 December 1932) is the former Roman Catholic Archbishop of Colombo and he is the current Chancellor of the University of Colombo. Msgr. Gomis' previous post was as the Bishop of Anuradhapura having been appointed in 1996. He was also the Auxiliary Bishop of Colombo from 1968 to 1996. He formally relinquished office and retired on 5 August 2009

The construction has been completed! Time for a party!

Building officially and festively opened

The beautiful elderly home, built by the former Archbishop of Colombo, has been completed and festively opened. The first residents have moved in and make it a home. Below is a small first impression of the first residents

Update construction nursing home

former Archbishop Oswald Gomis 2017

The construction of the Elderly home of Bishop Gomis is almost completed. In fact they are already busy with the facilities. The beds, bedside tables and other furniture donated by Medi-Aid is removed from storage and cleaned. All of the materials still look fine and are currently put back together with great care and are being set at the right place. It is truly wonderful to see how much work has been done in the last few weeks.

Update construction nursing home

former Archbishop Oswald Gomis 2016

Last Thursday Medi-Aid could finally visit the Elderly Home of former Archbishop Gomis which is under construction since 2014. We are proud to announce that the construction is almost finished. Within the next several months the bishop will expect the first residents and in a short time the house will be equipped with hospital beds and furniture donated by Medi-Aid. Also see the beautiful pictures we made of this wonderful project.

Update construction nursing home

former Archbishop Oswald Gomis 2015

Last November (2015) Medi-Aid once again visited the under construction residential home of former Archbishop Gomis. The bishop wants to house about 60 needy elderly people and is looking at the possibilities for a hospice.

Transport hospital beds and furniture

Elderly home former Archbishop Gomis

With great thanks to Aveant (Careyn) Hart van Lombok for the donated materials. This allows the bishop to set up a large part of the house.

Build elderly home

former Archbischop Gomis

The former Archbishop of Colombo, Father Gomis is busy with the construction of a nursing home for disadvantaged elderly people. The construction is progressing steadily but is often hampered by the weather. If construction is carried out Medi-Aid will ensure full establishment of this (already) beautiful home. Updates will follow.