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Update 2024 II

The Medi-Aid board completed the project 'the construction of a school building for disabled children' ('children with special needs') in 2022.
Following the evaluation, it was decided to start a steering group in 2024 consisting of the Rector of STIC (St. Thomas International College), a board member of Medi-Aid Sri Lanka and a board member of Medi-Aid Netherlands.
An agreement was signed on February 2, 2024, after a presentation was given by Medi-Aid. The agreement contains agreements between STIC and Medi-Aid.

Update 2024

Vandaag St. Thomas Catholic International College - STIC bestuursvergadering met MediAid om onze grote vooruitgang in Seeduwa Sri Lanka te bespreken. Fijn weer met (bijna) alle koppies bij elkaar! :-) Uiteraard werd de school ook uitgebreid bezocht. Zie hier de prachtige foto's gemaakt door Arlette 

Toys and learning aids purchased by Medi-Aid for the Special Needs School

Happy faces at the first students of the Special Needs School (Dec2021)

First students.1280x0

All ready and festively opened

The grand opening of ST. THOMAS' CATHOLIC INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE in Seeduwa (Sri Lanka)The school in Seeduwa has been festively opened. In the Netherlands, Medi-Aid was able to watch live via Zoom.In order to reach the final stage of the school for children with special needs, we would like to thank our sponsors once again:FHP Netherlands, Wings of Support of KLM, Sister Imelda Nolet Foundation, Wilde Ganzen Foundation, Medi-Aid Sri Lanka and all private donors.At the beginning of 2022, the Board of Medi-Aid Netherlands will go to Sri Lanka to visit the school and to look together at what is needed to support the employees there and children with special needs.At the moment there are about 20 applications of children with special educational needs. The registrations of the children are admitted in groups. For example, based on their handicap and the availability of teachers and learning and resources, it is checked who can start and when.The building is designed with four large classrooms to accommodate about 15 students at any one time. Now only one classroom is ready for use. But the start is here! Currently, the recruitment of new teachers and disciplines is in full swing. All this means that the school will be fully operational in the short term.We feel very supported by our Sponsors and therefore express the hope that many new sponsors will follow to make this project and many others sustainable.We would like to invite you to follow all our projects via our website, our Medi-Aid Linkedin group and our Medi-Aid Facebook group. It is also worth visiting the Facebook page of the St. Thomas Catholic College.

Update II

The school is showing real progress and is well on schedule.


Here are the latest pictures of the construction of the school.. It's already beautiful :-)

The construction of the school is progressing steadily

Click here for the video of the latest update.


Click here to see the video. 


The Medi-Aid Holland Sri Lanka Foundation receives an amount of € 42,750 from the Family Help Program Foundation (FHP) for the construction of a school for children with special needs in Sri Lanka.
Chairman Martin Joziasse of the Medi-Aid Foundation: “I am incredibly grateful to chairman Fons Catau and the FHP board for this generous donation. This can be used to finance no fewer than three floors of the building. One more to go! The FHP has let its heart speak and brought us ten extra steps towards our ultimate goal, the realization of a school building where children with special needs can work towards a good future. That is something that cannot be taken for granted in Sri Lanka, but will soon be. It would be a wonderful ray of hope in these difficult times. ”
Chairman Fons Catau of the FHP: “A wonderful project. Children with special needs must be able to participate fully in society. It starts with education! ”
Father Kennedy's St. Thomas Catholic College Seeduwa offers children who cannot attend regular education due to economic or social barriers the opportunity to develop. Parents of handicapped children are also increasingly knocking on the door of the school asking for training. The St. Thomas Catholic College would like to offer this, but does not have the facilities or the space for this within the existing building. Not only do these children require special attention because of their limitations, the infrastructure must also be adapted accordingly. In order to get these children out of their isolation and to give them a dignified place in the community, it was decided to build a separate school building. The local population is extremely motivated to help with this and the parents of the children and sponsors have now also collected some of the necessary finances. The Medi-Aid Holland Sri Lanka Foundation is committed to the remainder needed to realize this unique project.
Thanks to the gift from FHP Holland, an action by Wilde Ganzen (€ 33,000) and sponsorship contributions from Wings of Support (€ 5,000 for the construction of special needs toilets) and private individuals, € 14,250 is now needed to fulfill the dream of Father Kennedy and the Medi-Aid Foundation. Holland Sri Lanka.
Would you also like to contribute?
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Special Needs School

Medi Aid in collaboration with Wilde Ganzen and Wings of Support supports a unique project. The construction of a school for children with special needs integrated into mainstream education. Click here for an overview of the entire project.

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