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Support trajectory for Mudunegama Maha Vidyala school

Via Wimal came the request whether Medi-Aid could provide school uniforms, lunches and other basic needs for children of parents who do not have the financial means for this. It is a one-year support process so that the parents can get some air and get their financial situation in better order so that they can bear the costs themselves after this support year.Packages have now been distributed with complete sets of school uniforms. Means were made available for the girls for the monthly troubles and the children could go to the hairdresser. The lunches for the 50 children have also started. A fantastic start to this year of support.

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Providing Assistance to Mudunegoda Maha Vidyalaya, Thalawa

Introduction:  Two of my batchmates (Air Force) hearing the difficulties some of the children are undergoing in a school off Anuradhapura, Thalawa area had visited the place and found they deserved to be supported. School located 203 km North East of Colombo. Basically the children who are from farmers families. Due to the Govt decision to stop importing fertilizer used for agriculture in all areas farmers are facing severe difficulties and now after almost 2 yrs they are allowing fertilizer to be imported. Yet the Govt is in a difficult situation to import required fertilizer  with the Bankrupt situation in the country.

There are about 1058 children and about 52 teachers in this school and the Headmistress who took over the school administration is struggling to do her best and through friends she got in touch with my batchmates.  During the visit and the discussion they had they had found about 50 children are finding it difficult to attend the school regularly due to the poverty that their families  are undergoing.

 Plan of Action: We decided to support the 50 children to be supported for one year and to warn the parents that they must work hard in finding a way out and support their children after one year. Our aim is not to make them total Dependents but to support at this needy hour and to encourage them to become independent in supporting their children from the next year onwards.

Prepared a Very Basic budget which I have enclosed to this letter and approximate cost will be around SL Rs. 220,000/= for this project. Having done the Very Basic calculation we feel, may be little more when it comes one whole year. 

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