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Orphanage Anna's home for childern Mankulam

Last december Medi-Aid visited projects for our friends from the Havonos foundation. The first project we visited was the orphanage Anna's home for childern in Mankulam. This orphanage is home to about 75 children and is led by Sister Chrishiani, a sister of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. The children have a good “home” here and look healthy and happy. Unfortunately the sanitary facilities are less to be desired. We hope in the future we are able to make a contribution to improving these facilities along with Havonos.

Widows project sewing school

The second project we visited brought us a little further north to a recently opened sewing school. This school is primarily intended for widows in the north of Sri Lanka to offer a chance for a better future and is led by the OMI priests. Through this school, they can acquire the necessary skills to make clothes or school uniforms so they can provide for their own sustenance.

Community home Kokilay

The third project we visited is located in beautiful Kokkilai. This community center is led by Father Wimal, also an OMI priest and is used mainly to teach the youth of the surrounding area.

Youth empowerment centre Jaffna

The fourth and final project that we visited on behalf of Havonos was the Youth Empowerment Centre in Jaffna. This center, now being under construction, will serve as a learning center for mainly technical training. With the help of the Wild geese foundation in Holland, Havonos is trying to finish this building as quickly as possible.