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02 januari 2020

Children with disabilities want to go to school!

First stone for Special Needs school

14 december 2019

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Preparation for Special Needs school

13 november 2019

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Training 2019 successfully completed

21 november 2019

Happy faces of the students who participated in the training sessions. They have all succeeded! Click here for the entire report!

Training Teach the Teacher 2019

02 oktober 2019

The first training course of 2019 has started!

Thanks HUMAVI!

29 juli 2019

Again a fantastic support for Medi Aid. Thanks to the HUMAVI Foundation from Mijdrecht, we received the wonderful amount of 7500 Euro for our education project in Sri Lanka. Thank you Board of HUMAVI !!

Donation to relatives of Sri Lanka bomb attack

09 juli 2019

The proceeds from our joint effort have yielded a wonderful amount. This was handed over to St. Thomas College Father John Kennedy on July 4. Private donations and donations from WOS and FHP made this amount possible in collaboration with Supprt us Support !!

Handing over check for Special needs school

09 juli 2019

Medi Aid in collaboration with WOS supports a unique project. The construction of a school for children with special needs integrated into mainstream education. The combined amount of WOS and Medi Aid is intended for adapted toilets and other necessary adjustments. The amount was symbolically handed over to Father Kennedy of St. Thomas College in Seeduwa.

Patroness Martine Bijl passed away

04 juni 2019

Today we received the sad news that Martine Bijl, the patron of Medi-Aid, has died. Martine not only had a warm heart for acting and presenting, but also for care for the elderly, one of the spearheads of Medi-Aid in Sri Lanka.

Immediately after the establishment of Medi-Aid in 2002, Martine was prepared to link her name to our foundation.

On behalf of the board, we wish the next of kin a lot of strength to cope with the loss of this special woman.

Medi Aid Sri Lanka donates furniture for childrens school in Kilinochchi

13 mei 2019

Thankful and happy OMI priests and the children of the school in Kilinochchi with the donated furniture.


25 april 2019

Medi-Aid Foundation Sri Lanka-Holland and Foundation Support us Support have joined forces and have started a fundraising campaign for the benefit of the victims and relatives of the terrorist attacks on Easter Monday in Sri Lanka.

Both foundations have been operating in the affected area for years and both provide assistance and support to vulnerable elderly and children (with disabilities). Medi-Aid has for many years been working closely with Father Thomas' St. Thomas Catholic College in Seeduwa. In July of last year, more than 300 school sets and other educational aids went to this school so that children could go to school. During this week's attacks in Colombo / Negombo, among others, several children and parents of the school of Father Kennedy were killed or injured. We urgently need help and need many basic things, safety and security.

Let your heart speak for this once again affected country and deposit your contribution on NL35INGB0661870839 in the name of Medi-Aid in Breukelen (BIC: INGBNL2A). Every gift is important and reaches 100% of those affected.

We would appreciate it very much if you would like to share this post / message as much as possible on all (social media) channels and would like to call on other Sri Lanka foundations recognized by the CBF to join this promotion.

Obadabohomma istutu - Thank you very much!

Goodbye Jacques Wartna

12 maart 2019

Because of his many (voluntary) activities, Jacques unfortunately had to make a choice to divest a number of activities. In the 4 years that he was a board member, Jacques played a very important role in the professionalization of our Foundation, including new articles of association and the recognition of the CBF. We thank Jacques for his critical view and his commitment !!!

Medi-aid guest of honor at Christmas celebration St Thomas

16 december 2018

What an honor! Medi-aid as guest of honor at the Christmas celebration at St Thomas, the school of Father Kennedy. With the icing on the cake .. a speech from our chairman for more than 3000 visitors!

Furniture gratefully put into use

30 augustus 2018

Furniture has arrived and put into operation !! Father Kennedy and the school children are very happy with the new stuff.

Second container arrived!

01 augustus 2018

Yesterday evening the 2nd container arrived and is unloaded !! Next to the great contribution of Support us Supporting there were also materials shipped for HAVONOS and S2T. A great compliment for everybody who helped to accomplish this goal Thank you !!!

Another milestone reached! CBF recognition!

28 juli 2018

Again a new milestone achieved
The 27th of July 2018 we received the message from the Central Bureau on Fundraising (CBF) that we achieved the demands!! Of course we are very happy with this achievement!! We have to thank PARTIN for their support to follow the proper procedures! The Central Bureau on Fundraising (CBF, is an independent foundation which has been monitoring fundraising by charities since 1925. The CBF’s task is to promote trustworthy fundraising and expenditure by reviewing fundraising organizations and giving information and advice to government institutions and the public. When a charity has been recognized as a charity by the CBF (CBF-erkend goed doel), you can trust that the organization has been closely reviewed.

New statutes

28 juli 2018

A memorable fact today: chairman of Medi-Aid Martin Joziasse (left) and secretary Jaques Wartna sign, after recalibration of the old statutes that were now> 15 years old, the new statutes of Medi-Aid at notary practice Jansen & Partner in Vleuten. Medi-Aid meets the changed legal requirements and regulations with the new articles of association. In addition, these meet the requirements for maintaining the ANBI status.

The first of four containers arrived in Sri Lanka

28 juli 2018

After a long voyage by container, the first school sets (desks, chairs, etc.) arrived at St. Thomas Catholic College of Father Kennedy in Seeduwa Sri Lanka. Volunteers load everything. The school sets are intended for underprivileged children and disabled children who (want to) follow education and are made available by Het Nieuwe Lyceum from Bilthoven and volunteers loaded and shipped by Medi-Aid volunteers. The other relief items, including wheelchairs, toilet seats, hoists etc., made available by Steun ons Steunen, have also been put to use at the place of destination and equally gratefully. Help helps!

Grand openingThe construction of the Bishop's elderly home has been officially opened today. The first occupants have already moved into their homes and already feel at home. For more photos click here.

28 juli 2018

The construction of the Bishop's elderly home has been officially opened today. The first occupants have already moved into their homes and already feel at home. For more photos click here.

The second part of the 300 school sets are ready for transport

28 juli 2018

Thanks to the efforts of many, yesterday we have taken 190 school sets, desks, chairs, blackboards and beamers from a large number of classrooms and put them in a container that is destined for St. Thomas Catholic College by Father Kennedy in Seeduwa.
This brings the total to one and a half week ago to no less than more than 300 sets and other educational tools that Sri Lankan children will be able to enjoy education with.
In addition, there are also many other relief items such as wheelchairs, toilet seats and hoists, made available by Steun ons Steunen, which have been used for Medi-Aid projects. For various projects of Havonos, S2T and Support us Supports transportation was catered for.
Our big thanks go to the Lyceum Bilthoven, which provided all school sets free of charge and helped us on all sides, and of course all volunteers. Together we are committed to helping Sri Lanka, how beautiful !!

The Support us Support foundation also sends materials

28 juli 2018

In addition to all the school furniture, our colleague Support us Support foundation (Jo Wouters) has collected a large amount of wheelchairs, prevention cushions and mattresses for Sri Lanka as well as two bicycles and a quantity of bandage material. Together with a colleague this was taken from Valkenburg to Bilthoven and packed there in the container for transport to Sri Lanka where it will arrive in about 3-4 weeks.

Off the go..

28 juli 2018

Yesterday, the Medi-Aid team, together with Jo Wouters from .nl and a large number of volunteers, loaded the first 40ft container with 130 school sets, made available to us by the New Lyceum in Bilthoven.
Many hands make light work, together we strive for a school in Sri Lanka. On Monday afternoon, June 25, the second cargo will follow, another 180 sets.

300 schoolsets!

28 juli 2018

Thanks to the efforts of Mobelli and Heuting, we have been provided with more than 300 school sets including lecterns, blackboards for our project in Seeduwa. The sets are made available by the New Lyceum in Bilthoven. Of course we are very grateful to everyone who made this possible! Next Friday the first 40ft container will be loaded and on the 25th the second !!! In addition, it is good to mention that shipment will also take place of materials with and from the Foundation of Jo Wouters (support us support) with which a fine and constructive cooperation takes place. It should not be mentioned that thanks to the cooperation with the Friendship Foundation (Kirsten Giethoorn) we have been able to set up other projects.

De titel van een nieuwsbericht

03 juni 2018




The Medi-Aid Foundation, which works for underprivileged elderly and children (with a disability) in Sri Lanka, receives a donation of € 5.131, - from Wings of Support - a private social initiative of KLM employees - for the construction of toilets for disabled childern at the St. Thomas Catholic College at Seeduwa in Sri Lanka.

The St. Thomas Catholic College, located 15 kilometers from the airport, is an initiative of the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka there and offers children who can not follow regular education because of economic or social barriers the chance to develop. Increasingly, parents of disabled children are also approaching the school with the demand for education. The St. Thomas Catholic College would like to offer this, but does not have the facilities nor the space for it within the existing building. Not only do these children need special attention due to their physical and mental limitations, the infrastructure also needs to be adapted accordingly.

Because it is both the wish of rector Fr. D.M.J. Kennedy Perera from the St. Thomas Catholic College as well as from the Medi-Aid Foundation to remove these children from their isolation and to give them a worthy place in the community, it has been decided to build a separate outbuilding. The local population is extremely motivated to help and the parents of the handicapped children and sponsors have now collected 50% of the necessary finances. It is unique in the Sri Lankan community to offer children with disabilities a day-care and education that is fully integrated with regular education. With this, the children with a disability have a greater chance of gaining independence, employment and a better perspective on their own future.

The Medi-Aid Foundation contributes to furnishing the classrooms with tables and chairs, promotes the expertise of teachers and organizes training in the field of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. Thanks to the donation from Wings of Support, the necessary invalid toilets can now also be installed. About Sichting Medi-Aid

The Medi-Aid Foundation is a small but effective and ambitious aid organization, with both a Dutch and Sri Lankan administration. Medi-Aid supports underprivileged elderly and children (with a physical and / or mental disability) in Sri Lanka who are unable to do so themselves. This support in the field of care and education is intended as a temporary impulse in material and financial terms. Temporary, because Medi-Aid arranges its support in such a way that the client is ultimately independent.

For more information: Martin Joziasse, chairman, telephone: 06-19989250.

About Wings of Support

Wings of Support is a private initiative of KLM employees. Attempts are made to help children in countries where this society is flying by facilitating education, shelter and medical assistance. With this Wings of Support wants to achieve a sustainable improvement of the quality of life of children in their own environment. Supporting the aid projects basically takes place at KLM destinations with financial support from our donors and sponsors.

Privacy declaration

03 juni 2018

Medi-Aid records data such as name, address, place of residence, e-mail address and other information necessary for the execution of the donorship or the processing of a one-off donation. We only provide your data to parties that perform services for our foundation, such as printers where printing giro collection cards and labels and banks for the processing of debit authorizations, and only those data that are necessary for the relevant processing. All information entrusted to us is treated confidentially by us and our suppliers. Your e-mail address will only be used to send information that concerns Medi-Aid, such as newsletters about started and completed projects. Your information will only be used for the purposes for which it was obtained. You can unsubscribe as a donor at any time. Send an email to

Co-operation with Partin

12 maart 2018

Partin is the interest organization for the joint private initiative. Partin gives the collective of small charities a voice in the discussions about development cooperation and represents the interests of the group. The motto "together we can do more, together we do more" forms the basis for all activities developed by Partin.
This way things are made possible that a separate private initiative could not achieve, such as agreements in the sector on reducing the administrative burden of small charities with ANBI registration, collective grant applications and organizing cooperation. Click here for more info about Partin.

Medi-Aid donates mosquito nets to the Welcome village

12 maart 2018

Medi-Aid has donated 40 mosquito nets to the Welcome village in Badalgama. Therefore the bedridden residents no longer have to sleep between the mosquitoes and the flies and they can enjoy an undisturbed night's sleep and greatly reduce the chance of denque.

Time for change

18 april 2017

Leo is leaving the board, he will remain committed to Medi-Aid as an ambassador and stay involved in our beautiful foundation. Many thanks from us to Leo for all the wonderful things he has done for Medi-Aid. The vacant position on the board will be filled by Edger Hamer. Edger, a big welcome on behalf of everyone at Medi-Aid Holland and Sri Lanka. We wish you lots of luck.

Financial support for survivors of boat tragedy Beruwala

28 March 2017

Medi-Aid has donated a sum to the Catholic Church in Beruwala for the survivors of the boat disaster last February. No less than 11 people were killed here, including the parents of a 15 month old little boy. The church will take care of the survivors. Click here for a complete overview.

Almost ready...

19 januari 2017

The construction of the Elderly home of Bishop Gomis is almost completed. In fact they are already busy with the facilities. The beds, bedside tables and other furniture donated by Medi-Aid is removed from storage, cleaned and is currently being put back together. Click here for a complete overview of our last visit.

Visiting the Elderly home in Jaffna

14 december 2016

Some time ago with support of the Lions Vinkeveen and private donations Medi-Aid was able to provide this nursing home in Jaffna with beds, linens, mattresses, pillows and mosquito nets. At our annual visit all was still well maintained. Click here for the overview of our visit.

Glasses glasses glasses

10 december 2016

With great thanks to Lions Vinkeveen, Medi-Aid could hand as many as 30 glasses to Wimal, the chairman of our Sri Lankan board. He's going to make sure the glasses arrive to people who genuinely need them

Projects of Havonos

05 december 2016

At the request of Havonos Medi-Aid visited a couple of their amazing projects in the north of Sri Lanka, where they work together with the OMI priests. An overview of the projects visited by us can be found here.

Brand new plaster saw for Ayurveda doctor

02 december 2016

No less than 10 years ago, Medi-Aid donated a electric plaster saw to this Ayurvedic doctor. After all these years of intense use the saw had to be replaced. The doctor was very happy with the donation of a new saw.

Visiting the Elderly Home of Bishop Gomis

01 december 2016

Last Thursday Medi-Aid could finally visit the Elderly Home of former Archbishop Gomis which is under construction since 2014. We are proud to announce that the construction is almost finished. Within the next several months the bishop will expect the first residents and in a short time the house will be equipped with hospital beds and furniture donated by Medi-Aid. Also see the beautiful pictures we made of this wonderful project.

Visit to St Thomas' Catholic International College

24 november 2016

Again, we were able to visit the beautiful school of Father Kennedy Perera in Seeduwa. Martin was given a big bag full of pens, balloons and whistles by Hans Brongers and Gé Verkerk from Kempenaar garage that he gave to Father Kennedy. He was so pleased with it. Hans and Gé thank you very much for this donation, also on behalf of Father Kennedy and the kids!

Grand opening office Jo Wouters

12 november 2016

Last Saturday I had the great honor to be present at the opening of the office and restaurant of Jo Wouters’ foundation. They are making a great effort to support the poor and (visual) disabled Sri Lankans in the south of the country. In this beautiful building poor and disabled people can come and eat, chat, read a book or get a cup of tea. Jo and his people have done a lot of work and the result is amazing. Jo you can be really proud. For sure we are!! If you want to know more about Jo and his foundation please check "steun ons steunen"

Cake! 10 year anniversary Medi-Aid house

01 november 2016

Last month it was the 10th year anniversary of our beautiful Medi-Aid house. A milestone and reason enough to bring cake and celebrate with our residents. A full report of my visit to the house can be found here.

Medi Aid starts with a volunteer for 1 year!!

04 oktober 2016

Last week Myrna Kranendonk left for Sri Lanka. Together with the Board of Medi Aid Holland and the Sri Lankan Board we developed an number of assignments concerning:

1) Extending the Medi Aid House to 32 inhabitants
2) Collaboration with 2 Foundations in Sri Lanka
3) Developing educational programs in Nursing elderly Care on demand
4) Collaboration with St.Thomas International School concerning developing education disabled children.
5) Realizing a plan for the 4 assignments

The Dutch Board wishes her a lot of succes in realizing the assignments!!

In loving memory of Mr. Wim Pel

26 februari 2016

Last Sunday our well respected board member, a great friend and father passed away. We will always remember him as a great person with the respect for life and all who were around him. We wish his wife Gisela and the other family members all the strength to cope with this loss. We will never forget him.!! RIP

In loving memory of Mr. Lloyd Perera

03 januari 2015

Just a few minutes ago we had a sad message, Our Sri Lankan chairman Lloyd Perera has passed away. Lloyd was one of the founders of Medi Aid in Sri Lanka and accomplished all the things we were not able to do. He also realized the Medi Aid
house. We will miss his humor, laughs and human qualities. He will be remembered as a man with a great personality and a big commitment with the needy We wish Primrose, his children and Grandchildren strength and courage in the days to come.