Ontwikkelingen en terugblik

Optimization of treatment and nursing

Medi-Aid's active contribution to this is to provide the small local hospitals, old people's homes and orphanages in Sri Lanka with material that is missing and/or faulty: wheelchairs, rollators, (hospital) beds, mattresses, (para)medical instruments, etc. In the Netherlands, this material is donated by various organizations to Medi-Aid, which in turn takes care of the transport, shipment to Sri Lanka and distribution in Sri Lanka. Having good and sound equipment also means that patients can be treated and nursed better, in other words: optimization of treatment and care. In addition to donating material from the Netherlands that can be used immediately, Medi-Aid also supplies parts. Parts that workers can use to repair and maintain the equipment. The next step that Medi-Aid wants to take is to have Sri Lankans manufacture and adapt the material themselves. In this way, employment is created and the material remains in optimal condition.

Optimization of elderly and disabled care

Care for the elderly in Sri Lanka cannot be compared at all with what we know in the Netherlands, because the government is still paying too little attention to that point. Life in Sri Lanka is a hopeless affair, especially for the underprivileged and single elderly Sri Lankan. It therefore still happens that the poor elderly literally and figuratively live and die in the gutter! The same applies to the disabled person in a less fortunate family. They too often remain deprived of the right treatment, guidance and resources. They too often live in appalling conditions in the streets of the capital Colombo, among others, or languish in the house where they live.

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